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My Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters Fundraising Page

Nancy Marable

Nancy Marable

Please help us support CooPeR saves lives endowment fund at CHKD by making a contribution to our fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. You can make a direct donation here or if you are local and participate in our annual “Egg My Yard” event for Easter you can make your payment here. Cooper's fund will go towards helping educate about drowning prevention and provide CPR classes to parents and caregivers. Every dollar we raise will help CooPeR saves lives endowment fund grow to allow years of CPR and drowning prevention education. We thank you for your support! Sean and Nancy Marable


raised of $2,750 goal

Recent Donations

1. JSJennifer Spence
2. KKKerry Keegan
For Egg My Yard, with Love from Adi, Kerry, and Erick
3. AMAlyssa McCrory
4. Nancy Marable
$20.00 donation Alisia Davis $30.00 Mopsie Pittman
5. Nancy Marable
Melanie Turner egg my yard donation
6. NSNatalie Stringer
Egg my yard 50 Natalie Stringer

Team CooPeR Saves Lives