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Lansinoh Laboratories, Inc

Lansinoh Laboratories, Inc

We are honored to help raise funds for this special cause!

About CHKD: The King's Daughters Milk Bank at CHKD, is a nonprofit, hospital-based donor milk bank established to provide the life-saving benefits of breast milk to severely premature and critically-ill infants, improving their potential to survive and thrive.

Approximately 550 newborn babies who need intensive medical attention are admitted to CHKD’s 62 bed unit every year from hospitals throughout our region. Most are born prematurely – some as early as 23 weeks gestation.

When a patient is admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the mother is counseled on the benefits of breast milk and the role it can play in her infant’s health. In the NICU, mother’s milk is treated like a medication for the infant’s stomach and immune system. A mother of a NICU baby works hard to establish and maintain a breastmilk supply. She pumps every 2-3 hours, including waking up during the night. She frets over medications taken, amount of milk produced, in addition to caring for her infant in the hospital. Pumping breast milk is truly a labor of love.

Financial contributions to CHKD's milk bank will help provide funds needed to operate and maintain this growing program. The funds will be used towards a human milk analyzer and a refrigerated centrifuge.

Lansinoh will be matching employee donations up to $1000*.

•Each year, preterm births affect nearly 500,000 babies - that’s one of every eight babies born in the United States (cdc.gov)
•The risk of premature or sick babies developing devastating intestinal infections is 10 times higher if they are fed formula instead of human milk
•Human milk protects against allergies and contains antibodies to fight infection and growth hormones that help the babies develop
•One ounce of pasteurized donor human milk can treat as many as four infants in the Neonatal ICU
•Pasteurized donor human milk is easily digested and provides infection-fighting benefits and optimal nutrition in the absence of mother’s own milk
•Human milk is linked to lower rates of severe vision impairment and chronic lung disease in premature infants
•The King’s Daughters Milk Bank covers 100% of the cost associated with donating milk, including screening, supplies and shipping


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