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CHKD Shave-A-Thon 2020!

Will Sawyer

The Garage Brewery

What’s up everybody!

I’m way happy to be a part of this year’s Shave-A-Thon! A ton of brewers in the area are shaving our beards on April 4th, and I hope that you will contribute money to this fantastic organization while making fun of my cheeks that haven’t seen the light of day in years!

The actual event will take place on April 4th from 2-5 PM at the Smartmouth location in Norfolk! There will be beers, there will be tears, and there will be cheers.

Thanks a bunch y’all! Any little bit is appreciated to help reach that $1000 goal!


We’ll be going live tomorrow afternoon at 3 PM EST to shave my beard off! It will be livestreamed on my Facebook and on my Twitch channel! Both of those links will be provided below. Thank you all so much for your help! twitch.tv/superwailord Facebook.com/wagoalie


Hey all! Some of you may know me, but I’m Will, the assistant brewer here at the Garage! I wanted to reach out to you all with something I’m super passionate about and ask for your help. I’ll be shaving my beard off on April 4th for a Shave-A-Thon hosted by Smartmouth to benefit CHKD’s Cancer and Blood Disorder Clinics. I’ve seen tons of support for all sorts of different industries affected: small business, local business, bartender funds, etc. I know for a fact that all of us here at the Garage appreciate that support you have continued to give us. Although the original event ended up being postponed due to the current state of the world, I will still be shaving my beard off on April 4th at 3 PM to benefit this cause! I’ll be livestreaming my baby face for all of you to see, even if it won’t be the straight razor shave we all were expecting! Currently I’ve raised $630 out of my goal of $1000, and I ask you to help the healthcare professionals at CHKD to help continue the research and treatment of the kids they lovingly look after. I sincerely thank you in advance for any donations you are able to make! Warmest, Will


I won’t be doing any shaving or trimming till April 4th! Sadie is super not stoked.


raised of $1,000 goal

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1. JCJim And Lorri Christiansen
Can’t wait to see that face again Will!
2. BOBarbara Outland
Looking forward to seeing your face again! Way to go, Will!
3. DLDuane Lord
4. SMSunaina Malhotra
You’re my fave Willy 💕
5. TBThe Garage Brewery
You go Will!!! We are so proud of you!!
6. CSCal Sawyer
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