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My Anthem LemonAid Fundraising Page

Team Tucker

Team Tucker

This is Tucker's virtual LemonAid stand (Covid-friendly) collecting money for CHKD's fight against pediatric cancer. Tucker LOVES creating art so we are asking you to create your own artwork that is "lemon-themed" (incorporating a lemon somewhere in the artwork). Please send artwork to kellymtucker@gmail.com and we will display these lemon creations on Tucker's fundraising page and under CHKD's hashtag #CHKDsqueezetheday. If art is not your thing - you can also take a photo or video of yourself biting into a lemon and send to the email above. I know Tucker will love to see everyone's support!

Tucker is CANCER FREE thanks to Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters. On Easter day of 2019, Tucker fell and landed on the back of his head. That fall caused swelling that led to symptoms of a concussion. At CHKD, a CT in the ER shattered our world. A large cancerous tumor (eventually diagnosed as medulloblastoma) was found and most of it removed on April 29th. After the surgery, Tucker basically had to learn everything again (walking, talking, eating, etc). He thrived through 6 weeks of chemo and proton therapy (radiation) in the Summer of 2019 and then nine months of harsh chemo at CHKD from September - February of 2020. CHKD and all those who worked with Tucker, saved his (and our) lives.

Please help me support Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters by making a contribution to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar I raise will go directly to fighting pediatric cancer at CHKD!

We will spend the rest of our lives helping CHKD continue their mission of saving children. Together, we can make a difference!


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It’s a beautiful day! Thank you for being AWESOME!
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What a great thing to do, Tucker!
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Way to go Tucker!