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My Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters Fundraising Page

Bruce Lifka

Bruce Lifka

Finley Ann Berry was the daughter of Sarah Berry and granddaughter of Bruce Lifka. They are rowing a double in the Bridge Chase and hope to raise money for CHKD in memory of Finley.

Finley Ann was actually the "9th" rower in a mixed 8 that won at the 1st Head of the Chick, along with her mother and grandparents. Finley passed away just days before she was to be born and her mother donated her milk to the CHKD Milk Bank.

Please help us in honoring and remembering our sweet baby angel!


raised of $500 goal

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1. KBKristin Barr
With love, Kristin, James, Connor, and Brandan
2. LLLisa Lifka
Love, Garna
3. BABill And Alice
Good Luck in the race!
4. ALAdam Lifka
5. JBJennifer Brown
6. LLLisa Lifka

Team Mark and Finley's Bridge Chase