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For more than 50 years, CHKD has been the only facility of its kind in Virginia, a free-standing pediatric hospital serving the medical and surgical needs of children in Hampton Roads, the Eastern Shore of Virginia and northeastern North Carolina, a region that is home to approximately 500,000 children under the age of 21. As the premier provider of healthcare services to the region's children, CHKD has secured a place in the heart of the community. This year alone, CHKD will provide care for more than 200,000 children. 

Whether children need oncologists, child life specialists, emergency room physicians or a host of other pediatric specialists, they receive the highest level of care when they come to CHKD. 

CHKD turns victims of child abuse into survivors. CHKD helps children battle cancer. CHKD teaches children to walk again after traumatic brain injury. CHKD gives premature newborns a chance for a healthy and productive life. 

Your support matters.

CHKD is proud to partner with you to give our kids the future they deserve. 

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